High Heels & real stories!
A book for him and her!

A collection of my 100 best columns and over 200 matching photos. I have written all columns in the last 10 years.
Not suitable for readers / viewers under the age of 18. Just to be clear.

I participated in all experiences on my own free will. All the footage was made in consultation with me.
No, I have not had a bad childhood and I have not worn a wet diaper or shoes that are too small.
I found it incredibly fun and especially exciting to be able to experience all of this and I hope to continue to do so often in the future.

A book for him and her!

First I mostly wrote about the experiences during my film recordings. Later, the current messages about sex and porn became a major source of inspiration for my writing in the normal media.

Friends, colleagues and acquaintances have also given me so much inspiration that writing almost went without saying.
I delved deep into the photo archive for this book, to browse through the more than 90,000 photos and to find the correct photos for it in my book.

I proudly present;
"High Heels & Real Stories"

A book containing my 100 best columns and lots of photos.


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